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u’Select manual Persian blue salt, acrylic and stainless steel, 16 cm

With its transparent body, the Daman 16 cm Persian blue salt mill clearly shows the salt crystals that it holds. The high potassium content of this salt gives it its exceptional blue sheen.
Grinding system

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Beautiful and ingenious, Daman showcases the beauty of blue salt.

With the removal of the central shaft, the transparent body of the Daman Persian blue salt mill clearly shows the soft blue sheen of the salt crystals within. Its pure, simple lines elegantly combine the transparency of acrylic with the exceptional radiance of stainless steel. It is fitted with the u’Select patented grind control system, used to adjust seasoning by selecting the size of grind of the salt from the 6 possible options. As with all Peugeot mills, the steel salt grinding mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Persian blue salt contained in this mill come from fossil deposits located in Iran. It is rich in potassium, which is essential for the human body to function.