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A Taste of Paradise

SET WHISKY AMBIANCE wood - Peugeot Saveurs

Peugeot Saveurs is a proud 212-year-old company that is known for its iconic pepper mills around the world. However, our true sense of pride is in our ability to innovate and evolve our products to fit into every facet of your daily life – from cracking fresh peppercorn in one of our beloved mills, to baking your favorite bread in our ceramic baking dishes, to uncorking a special bottle of wine with one of our state-of-the-art corkscrews, to pouring a glass of your favorite spirit in our one-of-a-kind whisky glass sets, Peugeot is proud to grow with and be included in your kitchen and dining experience through every stage of your life.

And as you look to gift unique items to friends and loved ones throughout the year, we are sharing some of our favorite features of one of our most popular items, Les Impitoyables Set Whisky (or our Whisky Tasting set) – the perfect gift for any spirit enthusiast in your life. In fact, our whiskey set has received high praise from Esquire, TODAY, and Wine and Whiskey Globe, to name a few.

So, what makes Peugeot’s Whisky Tasting Set so special?

  • Revolutionary Technology: Peugeot’s Whisky Tasting Set revolutionizes the art and the method of tasting whiskey/spirits, as it enables enthusiasts to enjoy the fragrances in spirits, without the ‘fire’ feeling of the alcohol. Thanks to the stylish design of the glass, which features a technical central dome and an innovative metal cooling base, each spirit is able to reach its ideal temperature while preventing the risk of thermal shock, which may otherwise compromise the spirit if tempered with ice.
  • Tempered To Perfection: To bring your spirits to life, you’ll need to keep the chilling base in the freezer for at least two hours before placing the glass atop it. You then pour the spirit – the dome in the glass should be higher than the pour – wait 2 to 3 minutes until the spirit is chilled at 41-46 degrees Fahrenheit, then enjoy! It’s that simple and worth the process to see and taste how your favorite spirits evolve in the glass with each sip. No need for ice! The chilling base will keep your drink chilled for at least 30 minutes.
  • Your Tasting Guide: Reach for the glass and observe the color. Bring the glass slowly up to your nose. Close your eyes. Discover the aromas that are appearing (the shape of the glass has been specifically designed to develop these aromas). Taste with attention and care, as to awaken your taste buds to a new sensation through a familiar spirit.
  • Bar Cart Adventure: Peugeot is taking you on a genuine sensory adventure, as the Whisky Tasting Set combines design and technique for the pleasure of all connoisseurs of whiskey, Cognacs, brandies, Armagnacs, and more. However, this glass set is not just for spirits, as many whisky set owners have created and served cocktails in them, as they’re so beautiful and diverse! This is one product that is a show-stopper on any home bar cart.
  • A Beautiful Gift: Designed in France and made in Italy, the stylish Whisky Tasting Set is presented in an elegant gift box for a wow effect guaranteed! From birthdays to bridal showers, groomsmen gifts, Mother of Father’s Day, anniversaries, corporate gifts, Valentine’s Day, and more, the Whisky Tasting Set is the ultimate gift to impress!

At $45 for one Whisky Tasting Set (glass, cooling base, and leather coaster) or $100 for a gift set (two glasses, two cooling bases, two coasters), this is the perfect gift for any occasion, for the person in your life who loves sipping spirits.

Is there a special spirit or cocktail you’re looking forward to enjoying in the Les Impitoyables Set Whisky? If so, share your favorite spirits and cocktail creations in the Whisky Tasting Set with us by tagging @peugeot_saveurs_northamerica on Instagram! We love to see how all of our products are used in your home.