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L’Apogée du Vin
Gift Box with Altar Corkscrew and Clef du Vin

What if you could change the age of a wine? Opening a wine from the cellar can sometimes be full of surprises. Peugeot’s patented wine ageing tool, Clef du Vin or ‘key to the wine’, will help you assess the ageing potential of the wine. Every one second you put Clef du Vin in contact with your wine mimics one year of ageing. A brilliant way to enjoy a wine that is a little too young now, without the wait. This gift set also includes the Altar Corkscrew and Foil-Cutter; the full experience starts now.

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Wine at its best

Altar : The black Peugeot Altar is a screw mechanism corkscrew designed to offer maximum pleasure with minimum effort. The central axis of this corkscrew is a continuous screw, which operates intuitively. Simply keep turning, without any effort! This corkscrew works well with any wine bottle. Bold and contemporary in design, it is made of ABS, a high-quality shock-absorbing plastic material. The soft touch finish offers an extremely soft and comfortable grip. The ergonomic handle is made of Zamac.

Clef du vin : The Peugeot Wine Ageing Tool is a measuring device that can tell you instantly the keepability and ageing potential of a wine, of any type. The Peugeot Wine ageing Tool is the fruit of 10 years of research and has been patented. Pour yourself a glass of wine, taste it and remember your feelings. Dip the Wine ageing Tool disk in the wine and taste again. Every second of contact with the wine corresponds to a year of ageing. If, after several contacts, the wine still keeps its qualities, or if indeed it improves, it has very good ageing potential and is worth keeping. If the wine loses its precious qualities after just one or two seconds of contact, it has no keepability potential. You can repeat this operation, second after second, until there are clear signs of decline in the wine. This allows you to determine the ageing potential and to decide whether to keep the wine. The Wine ageing Tool can also allow you to enjoy a wine that is too young, without having to wait.