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A Guide on How to Find the Right Corkscrew

Different Types of Corkscrews and How to Use Them - Peugeot Saveurs

It’s that time again. Friday evening, wine o’clock. You are about to open a delicious bottle of red for you and your guests before you realize that this is not the kind of bottle with a twist-off cap… So, you start hastily rummaging through your drawers looking for a corkscrew. When you finally find one, you realize that you don’t even know where to start…

If this has ever happened to you, or you are interested in learning about the full range of corkscrews available on the market and how to use them, look no further than Peugeot and its full range of oenological accessories.

A high-tech, yet practical object

The electric corkscrew is a technological marvel that combines ingenuity, functionality and aesthetics. It adapts to all necks and corks for extremely smooth and fast extraction.

Designed by Peugeot engineers, the Reverse is an unprecedented 100% automatic corkscrew that will open all wine bottles in a blink of an eye. By exerting a little pressure on the bottle, the cork is ejected with a flick of the wrist. This rechargeable electric corkscrew adapts to all types of corks whether they are plastic or the real deal. On average, it can uncork 50 bottles before it needs to be recharged.

peugeot electric corkscrew

For the sommelier in you

An indispensable accessory for wine lovers and sommeliers, the sommelier corkscrew is lightweight and fits in most pockets. It’s the classic way to open a bottle in one simple and elegant movement. The secret? Insert the screw into the center of the cork and turn clockwise. Once the last spiral is just above the top of the cork, fold the lever down towards the neck of the bottle and set the notch against the lip of the bottle. All that’s left to do now is pull the handle up gently to remove the cork from the bottle. Most sommelier corkscrews feature two-steps, but Peugeot’s one-step is easier and faster to use. Less intimidating, the one-step corkscrew’s patented system was created to provide optimal practicality and better performance. The compact size and patented handle helps open any type of bottle in one continuous and graceful movement.

Lever corkscrews are a gift-giving staple. From weddings to anniversaries and holidays, they impress all wine enthusiasts. Easy to use and constructed to last, they give you the confidence you need to open a bottle without breaking the cork. First grip the bottle at the top, with the lever up and as you lower the lever, the worm turns inside the cork. Lift the lever to extract the cork. That’s it!

Another option for amateur sommeliers are continuous turn corkscrews. Requiring even less dexterity, these corkscrews were designed for maximum efficiency and minimal effort. Functioning in an intuitive manner, all you need to do is turn these ergonomic corkscrews until the cork is released from the bottle. What could be simpler?

peugeot electric corkscrew

The perfect tool for fragile corks

Inspired by 19th-century corkscrews, also known as “cork turners,” the Peugeot blade cork puller can draw the cork out from the oldest bottles of wine without piercing or crumbling the cork.

For the wine aficionados out there with vintage wine collections, nothing works better than a two-prong corkscrew when extracting old corks from aged bottles. Thanks to its two-prong design, it can quickly and efficiently uncork bottles without pulverizing the cork into a thousand pieces. This corkscrew is also very useful for extracting a cork that is stuck or broken inside the neck of the bottle. All you need to do is insert the prongs between the cork and the glass and then turn while pulling at the same time. And voilà!