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Hostess Gift Ideas to Bring to the Next Party

Bistrorama-tous - Peugeot Saveurs


Have you ever attended a dinner party or holiday get together and think, “What should I gift to the host / hostess?” We have as well, and it’s no easy feat trying to decipher a price point, type and size of gift, and more; it can be overwhelming. However, Peugeot has some excellent host / hostess gift options for you to consider for your next gathering or holiday party.

#1 For the Wine Lover

No bar cart is complete without a quality corkscrew; and Peugeot’s Clavelin Sommelier Corkscrew is the ideal gift for any wine lover. Not only does this beautifully designed corkscrew seamlessly open your favorite bottle of wine, but it also includes an integral foil cutter to get past the pesky, but necessary, foil-wrapped bottle tops. The Clavelin corkscrew is also equipped with a patented system which enables users to open a bottle of wine with a single movement, without needing to change grip. This handsome corkscrew is available in Basalte grey, and Black, and compliments any bar cart.

Clef Du Vin

However, if your host or hostess is a wine expert, they may require a more specific gift for their wine cellar. If that’s the case, let us introduce you to Peugeot’s Clef du Vin, a travel-size wine aging tool. This innovative tool is a measuring device used to precisely determine the future development and “keepability” of your wines, as well as efficiently manage any wine cellar. So, how does it work? The Clef du Vin allows you to determine the aging potential and to decide whether to keep the wine, as well as allow you to enjoy a wine that is too young, without having to wait for it to go through its natural aging process.


To use, simply pour a glass of wine, taste it and remember its notes. Dip the small disk of the wine aging tool in the wine, and taste again. Every second of contact with the wine corresponds to a year of aging. After several contacts with the wine, the wine will keep its qualities, or it may improve if it has good aging potential and is worth keeping. However, if the wine loses its precious qualities after one or two seconds of contact, it has no keepability potential. You can repeat this process second after second until there are clear signs of decline in the wine.


The Clavelin Corkscrew and Clef du Vin are ideal items to gift a host or hostess who loves wine – whether they enjoy a glass of wine or are building a collection of unique bottles, each tool brings an elegant look and effective purpose to their respective bar carts.

#2 For the Cook - Bistrorama Mills and Spice Cubes

If your host or hostess loves to be in the kitchen and use new tools, or experiment with new spices, then Peugeot’s Bistrorama petite pepper and salt mills, and spice cubes are ideal gifts.


Petite Bistro Mills: While your host or hostess may have a salt and pepper mill set, there’s no reason to shy away from gifting them these petite beauties. Sold in an adorable red gift bag, Bistro mills are the cutest gift for those who enjoy fashion and color. They are perfect for table use, decorating dining rooms, and to travel with! We’ve seen these mills bring pops of color to dining room tables each season (many of our customers have multiple sets and colors to change throughout the year!), as well as be taken to picnics, in their lunch boxes and more. As they are petite in size (4in tall), they are easily stored, and with the variety of colors available, your host or hostess will appreciate their sleek design in the kitchen or dining room. Also, keep in mind that Peugeot is consistently adding new colors to the Bistrorama collection.

Peugeot Spice Cubes

Spice Cubes: Trying new spices may be daunting for some, however, Peugeot’s spice cubes are the ideal gifts for food lovers. These petite cubes are packed with whole spices ready to be ground and full of unique flavors – from organic Cambodian black pepper to Andean pink salt, to piri piri chili peppers, to cinnamon sticks, and everything in between, there’s a unique flavor to suit everyone’s taste and cooking ambitions. We love gifting these spice cubes as they are affordable, and petite in size, as to note take up too much valuable shelf space and they have a long shelf-life! And for those unsure of how to use certain spices in everyday cooking, be sure to direct your gift recipient to Peugeot’s website to learn about each spice’s various uses, as well as recipe inspiration from around the world.

#3 For the Foodie Traveler

If your host or hostess plans their travels around food, they’ll appreciate the Peugeot Pocket Mill.  Designed for all pepper lovers, the Pocket Mill is the perfect travel companion for seasoning food on-the-go. Pocket Mill owners use this stainless steel mill during picnics at the park, on camping trips, boat rides, lunches at the office, and more. Additionally, the grind size can be adjusted in a single motion by tightening the top button. This petite tool is truly the ideal gift for those who appreciate well-seasoned food.

What will you gift your next host and hostess? Is there a go-to gift you love to give those who host parties? If so, we’d love to learn more! Please share your favorite host / hostess gifts with us by following and commenting on our Instagram and Facebook pages.


Until next time, from our kitchen to yours, Bon Appétit!

– Peugeot Saveurs