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Peugeot Manual vs Electric Mills

ELIS SENSE 27162 27179- © PIXEL & BÉCHAMEL - Peugeot Saveurs

If you’re here, you’re likely already familiar with Peugeot’s iconic portfolio of pepper, salt, and spice mills. After all, it’s because of Peugeot’s 212+ years of innovation that our mills are consistently ranked as, “Best Pepper Mill in the World” by the New York Times, Good Housekeeping Business Insider, Saveur Mag, and more. However, with all of the mills Peugeot has to offer, how do you know which is best for your cooking needs? Allow us to help navigate you through the benefits of manual and electric pepper mills, so you can choose the best mill that suits your cooking style and needs.

Before we dig into the specific benefits of each style of the mill, it’s important to note that all Peugeot mechanisms work the same (with a specific mechanism for each spice), whether they are electric or manual. The key difference in each mill is that the movement of the grinder is powered by an electric battery or a crank. Additionally, all Peugeot mill mechanisms come with a lifetime guarantee, no matter the mill size or design. Lastly, Peugeot manual and electric mills are all designed with a single goal: to extract the most perfect texture, grind, and flavor possible, to season your food to your preferred taste. So now that you know the basics, let’s grind into the details!

Peugeot Manual vs Electric Mills - Peugeot Saveurs

Manual Mills

Design: Peugeot’s manual mills all feature beautifully designed bodies with comfort and efficiency in mind. However, some key features of specific mills to be mindful of include:

  • Collection Nature Mills: The Paris and Bistro mills from the Collection Nature are unique, as they are entirely conceived to be more resource-efficient and more respectful of the environment. During the manufacturing cycle of our mills, some wooden parts with visual roughness, are discarded. To enhance these parts and ensure the intrinsic qualities remain intact, an original texturing is carried out and is obtained by sandblasting onto the mill body. This gives this manual pepper mill a unique and natural touch and appearance. The body of the Paris Nature mill is entirely made out of wood labeled PEFC™, then protected by an ecological varnish of vegetable origin composed of linseed oil and carnauba wax to preserve the natural character of the wood and ensure its maximum longevity.
  • Paris Chef Collection Mills: The Paris pepper mill is the Peugeot brand’s flagship model. The iconic mill features the perfect ergonomic design, and its bespoke grind mechanism has garnered a major following among chefs around the world. The Made in France mill features an excellent grip due to the mill’s curved shape.
  • Bistrorama Collection Mills: The Bistro mill was created in 1874 as the Z model and features Peugeot’s original design. Crafted from wood, finely engraved silver, or Bakelite, the brand’s very first table mill has come to symbolize the quintessential French way of life. Additionally, these eye-catching mills come in a wide range of classic and trendy colors and are designed to complement every style while embracing the latest trends.

No matter your style, color scheme, or size preference, all Peugeot mills come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to fit your needs and compliment your kitchen design.

Coarse Settings: When specifically examining coarse settings, it’s important to note that Peugeot’s mills are manufactured in steel, wear-resistant, and guaranteed for life. This is key, as the Peugeot pepper mill benefits from a specific treatment that protects it from corrosion and preserves its cutting edge which chops the peppercorns rather than crushing them – this patented technology is what sets Peugeot’s mills apart from others. As a result, Peugeot mills offer a grind that can be adjusted, from coarse to the finest, to bring out all the intensity and character of the aromas of each spice and reveal their subtlety of flavors. Peugeot mills come equipped either with the u’Select patented adjustable grinding system or a classic grind dial, depending on the design. Additionally, each manual mill is made of woodstainless steelcopper, acrylic or cast iron, they are equipped with unique mechanisms, manual or electric, and easy to clean and maintain.

Surprising Benefits: As you gently twist and crack your spices in a manual grinder, you’re engaging all of your senses as you season – touching the spices and mill; hearing the spices be cracked; smelling the spices fragrant aromas; seeing the spices fall from the mill to your plate, and tasting the freshness of the spice in each bite of food. There’s nothing quite like a manual mill to engage all of your senses while preparing your favorite meal.

Freshness: As we noted in a previous post about whole vs. pre-ground spices, using a pepper grinder with whole spices helps keep the spices fresh longer, is more eco-friendly and you can explore new flavors. However, like anything you take out of original or air-tight packaging, spices can experience some slight deterioration in flavor if left in a mill’s chamber without being used for an extended period of time. So, if you don’t use fresh spices very often, we suggest investing in a small mill, like the Bistrorama or Bistro mills, to keep your spices as fresh as possible in between.

Price: Peugeot’s Manual Mills range from $35 to $308, pending on the mill design, size, and finish – making them the perfect kitchen tool for every budget and design preference.

Peugeot Manual vs Electric Mills - Peugeot Saveurs

Electric Mills

Design: Suitable for all types of peppercorns and dried coriander, Peugeot’s electric pepper mills are functional and aesthetically pleasing. With their understated but ultra-contemporary lines, the electric mills are available in black lacquer, matte chocolate, or stainless-steel finishes, to dress the most sophisticated interiors – from the kitchen to dining tables. All Peugeot electric tools come with all that is needed for immediate enjoyment including batteries, replacement bulbs, and spices. Peugeot has four electric mills in its portfolio which include:

  • Elis Sense: Those who love cooking and high-tech gadgets will appreciate the performance of the Peugeot Elis Sense mills. Fast and quiet, featuring a serious stainless steel and acrylic design and Peugeot’s signature u’Select adjustment system, this advanced mill will start instantly as you touch the body and top simultaneously. Let the LED light guide you through the process for total control of the output. This ultimate high-tech gadget comes with a spice vial filled with pepper that doubles as a measuring cup and funnel and a tray.
  • Paris Electric: Every ounce of Peugeot’s ingenuity is packed into this latest-generation electric pepper mill. Produced in Peugeot’s factory in France, the beech wood body of this electric pepper mill sports a rich chocolate finish, and features Peugeot’s u’Select adjustment system. The classically styled Paris electric pepper mill is a best seller and is surprisingly ingenious, as it is equipped with a highly silent rechargeable electric motor boasting a far longer lifespan than ordinary batteries. In a single, effortless motion, you can season your culinary preparations with the pepper of your choosing.
  • Zest: The Peugeot Zest electric pepper mill is the ideal companion for home cooks and gourmets. This pepper mill was designed to be extremely effective, practical, and strong. Its ergonomic shape is quite playful, as its smooth, soft-touch surface feels good in your hand. Additionally, its transparent reservoir allows you to see the peppercorns as you grind.
  • Zeli: Very contemporary, with its brushed-metal style surface, the Zeli electric pepper mill is both highly convenient and extremely efficient. Compact in size, this 14 cm tall battery-powered mill fits perfectly into your hand. Simply press the top button to operate. A light comes on simultaneously for better control of the pepper output. You can also adjust the coarseness of the grind with the thumbwheel located below the mechanism. An absolute joy to use!

The Peugeot rechargeable or battery-powered electric pepper mill is a must for lovers of flavor for whom efficiency, simplicity, and speed are also essential aspects of fine cuisine.

Coarse Settings: Each Peugeot electric pepper mill features different coarse settings for personal seasoning taste. Peugeot’s Elise Sense and Paris electric mills all feature six grind presets for precision and consistent seasoning, while the Zeli and Zest electric pepper mills feature Peugeot’s classic grind setting, for ease of use.

Surprising Benefits: All electric pepper grinders produce variations of noise, but Peugeot’s electric mills are pleasantly quiet. However, Peugeot’s electric mills feature a light hum as the whirring of the motor gently grinds the spices. Again, we find this sound to be one of the many joys of using an electric mill, as all of your senses are engaged from grind to fork.

Freshness: Electric mill owners and shoppers may be delighted to learn that electric mills have the airtight casing to help keep moisture out of the chambers or reservoirs. This not only helps keep your spices dry and away from oxygen, but also helps retain flavor between uses.

Price: Peugeot electric mills range between $45 and $135 for individual mills, and $140 to $230 for electric salt and pepper mill sets. The electric mills are ideal for those looking for convenience, or simply those who enjoy playful technology and the feeling of triumph that comes with every use. We’ve also found that electric mills are great for older individuals or those with hand discomfort or impairments and are unable to use the manual mills comfortably.

Have you decided which mill is right for you? As you’ve now learned, both manual and electric mills have a variety of benefits, and the decision to use one or the other is that of personal preference. No matter which mill you choose for your home or kitchen, know that each Peugeot Mill is designed with your comfort and senses in mind so you can have the best experience possible when cracking and grinding your favorite spices.