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Peugeot Outdoor Favorites

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Have you ever been on-the-go and wished you had some of your favorite kitchen tools with you? We’ve experienced the same feeling, which is why we’re sharing some of our favorite Peugeot tools to take with you on-the-go, and elevate your outdoor dining experiences!

Picnic Picks

Peugeot’s kitchen tools can easily be transferred and transported in your picnic basket to make your next outdoor dining experience perfect!  Some of our favorite picnic accessories include:

  • Champagne Bucket with Thermal Equilibrator: Keep your champagne at optimal temperature while enjoying your picnic outdoors with this beautifully designed champagne bucket. The chrome-plated stainless steel champagne bucket comes equipped with four chilling units – simply freeze the units, pack them in your basket, then place them in the bucket, and allow your champagne to chill while you set up the rest of your meal. The champagne bucket is the prefect accessory to take your outdoor picnics to the next level.


  • Bistrorama Salt and Pepper Mills: No picnic is complete without perfectly seasoned food. Peugeot’s Bistrorama salt and pepper mills are the perfect tools to take with you on-the-go to ensure your favorite foods are seasoned perfectly, no matter the setting. Not only are these mills ideal for picnics, but also road trips, lunches at the office, backyard BBQs, and more.


  • Ceramic Square Baker Dish: This 8.25” dish is the perfect serving dish for picnics. The dish is small enough to not take up too much room but is also functional enough to serve hot or cold dishes from. Additionally, the handles on each side of the dish are perfect for passing and serving, making it the ideal dishware for your next picnic. PS – this dish comes in a variety of shapes and colors to compliment your style and needs; and most Peugeot ceramic dishes are nestable, for maximum storing capacity.


Camping Essentials

Camping can be tricky, especially for those who want to enjoy meals during their outdoor adventure, without overpacking. Luckily, Peugeot has some great tools that “foodie” campers love having on-hand for their outdoor cooking experiences:


  • Pocket Mill: A traveler’s favorite, the 4” tall Pocket Mill will fit anywhere! From backpacks, to cargo pant pockets and elegant crossbody purses, this grinder is ready to be put to work when you need it. Designed to prevent pepper spilling in your pocket, this mill is made of stainless steel and comes with a metal case and a cloth bag for additional protection. Durable, handy, useful tool that all campers will appreciate.


  • Champ’cool Cooling Sleeve: This sleeve is perfect for cooling or maintaining the temperature of your wine. Moreover, the sleeve doubles as a great cooling tool for your water bottles and sports drinks! It’s easily portable, and simply needs to be stored in your refrigerator or freezer before you head out into the wilderness. Bonus! You can re-chill the cooling sleeve in your cooler, so you store cold drinks in your backpack during hikes, biking excursions, and more!


  • Fidji Salt and pepper Mills: Whether you’re packing your own food or catching fish during your camping trip, there’s no need to compromise flavor and seasoning, which is why the Fidji salt and pepper mills are perfect camping companions for your next outing. The 4-inch mills are durable – made of wood and stainless steel – and are compact enough to store in any backpack, making them the ideal seasoning tools for your camping excursions.


  • Paris Press, Coffee Grinder and French Press: This 2-in-1 coffee grinder and French press is a camper’s dream, as it is efficient and compact. Simply pour your favorite beans into the top of the grinder, grind, pour hot water over the grounds, press; et voila! You have your favorite coffee ready in minutes on your campsite.

Boating Favorites

Boat owners and enthusiasts know that the boat is just as important as the experience on the boat, which is why Peugeot has some great tools that are essential for the perfect boating experience – from enjoying a glass of wine overlooking the sunset, to simple meals enjoyed on the bow, Peugeot has great tools to spice up your next boating adventure:

  • Clavelin Corkscrew: No day on the boat is complete without a smooth glass of wine; and the Clavelin sommelier corkscrew will help open your favorite bottle with ease. Equipped with a patented one-step system, the Clavelin corkscrew opens a bottle with a single movement, and also integrates a foil cutter and bottle cap remover for ease of use. This all-in-one tool is perfect for boat owners who enjoy having a glass of wine on the water overlooking the sunset.


  • Oleron Wet Salt Mills: Peugeot’s ceramic salt mechanism, specifically designed to be used in environments high in humidity, will resist corrosion if left on the boat for the season. Use it to grind grey salt, Celtic salt, or the Guerande salt from France that comes with it. This patented mechanism provides excellent grinding performance without clogging, even for very wet or clumpy salt. Equipped with 3 blades to maintain grinding performance and with a helical blade that mixes the salt and guides it towards the grinding mechanism. Oleron Wet Salt Mills make life board life easier!


  • Line Salt and Pepper Mills + Spices Pack: If you’re searching for the perfect salt and pepper mills to keep on your boat – look no further than the Line Salt and Pepper mills. This 4-inch salt and pepper set features modern, minimalistic design to fit in with any décor, and cracks and mills peppercorns and salt flakes beautifully. This special pack comes with Tan Hoi pepper and Pink Andean salt, so you can season your food, and store the mills and spices seamlessly in between meals.


Cookout Companions

Backyard cookouts are one of the highlights of summer, and no cookout is complete without good drinks, great food, and even better company. Which is why some of Peugeot’s favorite backyard cookout tools and drink accessories include:

  • Bali Black Cast-Iron Pepper Mill + Salt Cellar: No backyard cook-out is complete without perfectly seasoned meats and veggies, and Peugeot’s Bali Black Cast-Iron mill and salt cellar are the grilling companions you’ve been searching for. This stylish, durable salt and pepper set is crafted from cast iron and presented on a storage bamboo base, making it perfect to transport from the grill to the table.


  • Slate Appetizer Platter: This beautiful plater is multi-functional, as it can be used to transport foods to the grill or table, as well as a serving platter for cooked, or cold foods. The ceramic dish can cook small bites in the oven and can be seamlessly transported to the table (or serve as a platter for passed bites) with its easy-grasp handles.


  • Whiskey Tasting Set: Is it really a backyard cookout without great drinks? We think not. That’s why we love Peugeot’s whiskey tasting set, which includes two tasting glasses, four chilling bases, and two coasters – perfect for those long summer nights of enjoying a pour of whiskey or a cool cocktail by the bonfire. This set is diverse, as we’ve seen many customers use the glasses to serve cocktails in, as well as whiskey. And the four chilling bases help keep your drinks at optimal temperature, regardless of the weather outside.