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The Year for Entertaining at Home

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It’s official.  2023 is a year for bringing out the Peugeot ceramic bakeware in bulk.  Relaxed evenings entertaining at home are expected to usurp nights out in expensive restaurants so it’s worth checking you have a collection of reliable baking dishes ready that will showcase your food so beautifully, you can take every dish straight from the oven to the table.

As pandemic concerns subside, consumers are seeking to make up for lost time and want to celebrate everything from life’s special moments to everyday milestones by cooking at home for their family and friends.  Buffets and self-serving meals are popular formats right now so a selection of different sized baking dishes would be useful.  Peugeot’s ceramic bakeware comes in many different sizes from individual serving dishes to large tart dishes that would feed a crowd.  If you opt for the same shape in varying sizes, the baking dishes will stack snugly inside one another, which is so handy when we all know how valuable kitchen cupboard space is.

Relaxed entertaining not only means letting people help themselves, it also allows for flexibility so if you plan to eat at 8pm but get distracted by the revelry and end up coming to the table 20 minutes later, no dramas.  Peugeot ceramic baking dishes will keep food warm for up to 30 minutes after taking it out of the oven so embrace latecomers, forget formality and rest assured that your ceramic bakeware will take great care of all your culinary creations.

We learned to cook during the pandemic and grew to love it.  Scratch cooking took off as we became more adventurous with flavour and started experimenting with exotic recipes.  Now that we feel more confident in the kitchen, it makes sense that we would want to show off our new skills while making up for lost time with friends and family in the comfort of our own homes.  At a time when we’re also being more conscious about spending, it pays to stay in rather than go out and don’t worry about who’s going to do all the washing up, Peugeot ceramic bakeware is dishwasher proof…

Fortunately, it would appear that the world of interiors is also on board with this current trend for entertaining at home.  Today’s design focus is on connectivity.  Creating warm and welcoming spaces that are intended to make people feel relaxed and spark conversation is key, and the demand for home bars is driving this.  Nothing connects people more than sharing a meal or a few drinks together so along with the bakeware, you need decent barware.  Peugeot’s beer, wine and whisky tasting glasses have been designed to reveal the full potential of your favourite tipple and that is bound to spark conversation.  A good quality champagne bucket and wine decanter are also essential and every home bar needs a corkscrew that will turn homemakers into a master sommelier.

So, here’s to a year of fuss-free fun at home with friends and family, plenty of good food and good wine, brilliant barware and brilliant bakeware.