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Manual Beech Wood Salt Mill in Feather White, 21cm

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Boreal 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

Soft harmony between wood and colours

This French-made salt mill cuts a striking figure with its sleek profile and contemporary charm. This mill is the showstopper in the Boreal collection. Its feather white colour lights up all the pepper mills in this range and can be used to create magnificent two-tone sets, meaning that you can tell the salt from the pepper with a single glance. This salt mill comes equipped with a lifetime-guaranteed stainless steel mechanism for grinding dry salt crystals. The button on top of the mill adjusts the grind setting for the salt crystals from fine to coarse.

- Made in France
- Wood sourced from French PEFC-certified forests
- Water-based paint
- Mechanisms come with a lifetime warranty
- Five-year warranty for the salt and pepper mills
- Salt mill for grinding dry rock salt with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4mm
- Not suitable for use with sea salt, sea flakes or wet salt
- Grind adjustment button: the tighter it is screwed, the finer the grind and vice versa
- Salt crystals not included