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Peugeot Ceramic Bakeware: Voted #1 Oven Ceramic Dish by Good Housekeeping (Aug. 2022)

APPOLIA fabrication © Peugeot Saveurs (10)

Did you know Peugeot Saveurs began its 212-year-old legacy with a saw? It’s true! The Peugeot brothers, Jean Pierre and Jean Frederic converted an inherited mill from their ancestors into a steel mill, and the first product they manufactured was a saw. The brothers made handsaws, curved blade saws, and keyhole hack saws, which were available in multiple versions and used in nearly every trade. Since then, Peugeot has been imagining, designing, and constantly renewing its engineering process to create a vast portfolio of products that are proudly made in France. And its latest product collection, ceramic bakeware, is no exception.

Introduction to the Ceramic Collection

Peugeot’s Ceramic Collection was created for flavorful baking and serving, no matter the time of year. The contemporary ceramic bakeware features clean lines and is available in timeless and trend-forward colors that seamlessly compliment every household kitchen design and color palette, including its newest colors, Safran Yellow and Satin Black. In addition to featuring trendy, fashion-forward colors and modern designs, Peugeot’s ceramic collection is resistant, as the enamel creates a beautiful glossy look, that not only reinforces the dishes’ strength but also makes the pieces ideal for displaying around the home. In fact, the versatility of the collection reaches far beyond the oven and kitchen for baking, as many ceramic owners proudly display them on their dining room tables, bar charts, and open shelving, as well as use them for serving / presenting food throughout the year.

Product Perks

Not only is Peugeot’s ceramic collection oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, but the glazed bakeware is made of natural clay and kaolin and is lead-free and cadmium-free. The bakeware also features extra-strong enamels to protect against scratching, and the nonstick glaze makes for easy cleaning. However, a favorite feature among frequent bakers and chefs, is the high edges of the bakeware to accommodate expansion capacity for your favorite foods, as this highly functional feature allows for the retention of cooking juices to preserve and express flavors. Each piece of ceramic bakeware is also designed with sturdy handles for ease of movement and plating. For those curious about longevity, Peugeot’s ceramic collection pieces come with a 10-year warranty from purchase. Not only can you see and feel the quality of the ceramic ware, but you can feel good knowing that ceramic products are inert substances, meaning that they are at minimal risk to the environment, and are 100% recyclable!

For Everyone and Every Lifestyle

Home chefs and bakers are not the only ones who benefit from the functional design of Peugeot’s ceramic collection however, students at university, first-time apartment renters and homeowners, and newlyweds are also keen on the bakeware due to its variety of sizes and shapes, as well as the collection’s stack-ability features. One of our favorite design elements is how each shape of bakeware stacks within one another for easy storage – from rectangle to round and square, and every shape in between.
Peugeot Ceramics

Thoughtful Design

Peugeot’s innovative design doesn’t stop at efficient storage, as the size of Peugeot’s bakeware is literally designed with everyone in mind. Whether you’re looking to make a single serving of your favorite baked pasta or preparing a holiday feast for your family and friends, Peugeot’s ceramicware compliments every occasion and stage of life, no matter the portion size or kitchen capacity. Ceramic owners are blown away by the versatility of each dish, as the pie dishes are great for cooking whole fish, and the rectangular dishes are ideal for casseroles, cinnamon buns, and roasting vegetables. One of our favorite pieces is the Appetizer Platter, as it’s so diverse – you can style it as a piece on your dining room table, serve hot or cold appetizers on it, or bake flatbreads. It’s a great piece that you can take from the oven to the dining room, all while presenting your food in an elegant way.

Kitchen Design

We’ve noted that Peugeot’s ceramic collection fits in beautifully with nearly every kitchen and home design, but the collection pairs perfectly with other Peugeot products. For example, the satin black ceramic pairs stunningly with Peugeot’s nature mills, or the classic Bali cast iron mills. We also love the Safran yellow ceramic displayed with olive wood and Tahiti blue mills. And if you’re a fan of matching your kitchenware, the terracotta ceramic with matching bistro mill is ideal for your design esthetic.