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Paris Nature
Manual Salt Mill in Wood and and Alpine salt, 12 cm - 4,75in

For many years, Peugeot has been committed to protecting the environment and has incorporated several key actions into its production processes with the aim of saving resources. The 12 cm Paris Nature salt mill not only illustrates these ambitions but goes even further, since it is made in France, it uses discarded wood, its unique texture is produced by blasting with ground nutshells, and it is coated with an eco-friendly plant-based varnish.

Grinding system

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Paris Nature 2 - Peugeot Saveurs

A unique and durable must-have mill

The Paris Nature range reflects Peugeot's determination to step up its resource-saving strategy and bolster its environmental performance. As such, the 12 cm Paris Nature salt mill builds on a strict resource recovery policy. To produce this mill, Peugeot is keen to save resources by using recycled wood, which is a key component of its mills. Peugeot recovers and upcycles wood that was previously discarded due to visual imperfections. The wood's intrinsic qualities remain intact and in no way affect the mill's performance. The wood is then given a unique texture by blasting with ground nutshells. The body of the 12 cm Paris Nature mill is protected with an eco-friendly plant-based varnish comprising linseed oil and carnauba wax. This varnish locks in the wood's natural look while extending the mill's service life and increasing its resistance to wear and tear.  The 12 cm Paris Nature salt mill is supplied filled with a variety of rock salt sourced from the Alps and preserved in its original state. Peugeot's Nature range depends on the availability of wood featuring visual imperfections, so no guarantees can be made that the range will always be available.